Voting System: Fair trial to judge the best?

In the recent years, almost everything in Bhutan has turned to the voting system, from parliamentary elections to reality shows and Miss Bhutan Pageant, voting through text messages and calls has become some sort of trend in Bhutan. It’s very vague whether we credit this to Bhutan Telecom or the Democracy system of government in the country.

Well the motive initially was to select/choose the best by taking in the opinion of the public at large and awarding the best deserving candidate. However, due to the commercial interest of the organizers or the people involved, this motive was long lost. Still we cannot blame anybody in the system; not the organizers who seek to gain some financial benefits (nobody works for free), neither the supporters of the candidates those who want to see their candidate as the winner. Perhaps, Bill Gates is right in saying, “Life is not fair, get used to it!”. We simply can’t blame some people for having more money.

The rule of the game here is simple, ‘if you don’t like the heat, get out of the kitchen’. For middle class and poor people in Bhutan, unless one is exceptionally talented and blessed with beauty, it’s better to stay out of the event instead of wasting one’s time, energy and resources for nothing.

The big question here is, “Is voting a fair process to judge and choose the best one?” No, it isn’t the best method, but then who cares to differ? who has the guts to go against the system and land up in controversies? Most people are just happy to follow the lead. And unless one is participating one self, one hardly bothers to indulge in the affairs so trifle.

I personally have nothing against the voting system, nor do I care who wins what, as long as I’m not in. However, it’s but sad to see the deserving candidates go waste just because of financial issues and poor relatives. Maybe it’s time we get used to the not-so-fair life.


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