Smart Guy Vs the Dumb One

Loving an arrogant but smart guy seems like a toughest thing in the world; when he’s hurt he doesn’t show it, when he errs he makes it look like you are to be blamed. He remembers every word you uttered over a year ago and yet he denies feeling anything for you.
At times like this, you prefer a dumb guy, who seems to have no smart bone in his body but still he appreciates everything you ever do. He hangs on to your every word and look at you with eyes full of admiration for you. And yet when you are stuck with this guy for a long time, you feel like creeping into a hole and never come back again, if only to escape him.
The arrogant guy, on the other hand, is full of himself, with an ego size of his spread. He never lacks a snide remark, never forgets to compliment your looks and never forgets anything you said. He quite diplomatic when, he never forgets your birthday, and never remembers your age. But this guy becomes quite intolerable when he becomes so critical of things you do, he always makes you feel so small that you become awkward in his presence. ‘Discomfort’ is the word that describes your feelings when you are with this guy.
But this simple, stupid, dumb guy? You tend to take him for guaranteed. You only receive his call at leisure and hardly return them. You turn to him either when you are bored or when you are in need of comfort, and tend to ignore him totally when this smart guy is around to shower you with his false charm.
However, in the long run, if you expect permanence or some sort of commitment from a guy, better stick with this dumb guy, for you’ll be appreciated and cared for, all your life, though there isn’t much excitement. And if you are in for a fling or short-term affair, go after this smart guy like ‘dog on a leash’ , because you are bound to lose yourself respect, confidence and courage, with his cynical remarks and criticism, if you had a lifetime ahead of yourself.


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  1. ok so you mean to say dumb guys are better then smart guys….
    well no one is totally Dumb in this world if you think someone is Dumb then you have mistaken him …
    Anyway you wrote this article based on u'r expr…

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