Of Gangs, Cat fights and Weird sports

The Korean movies have glorified the gangsters so much that, youth in Bhutan have followed the trend. Who can blame the youngsters, the gangsters do look cute with suit, boots and stripped ties.

Every day the number of rowdy guys forming groups increase in number. The recent telecast of Bhutanese gangsters on BBS has perhaps made them look like celebrity. It’s alarming to see so many of adolescent youth wasting their life away by forming groups and ending up behind the bars. May be it’s time we analyze where the fault lies; whether it’s the negligence of parents or unemployment or million other reasons.

Whatever may be the reason, it’s one’s own responsibility to take care of one’s life. A person who can’t think what’s best for him/her is of no use to anyone. Perhaps the best way to reduce the number of rowdy guys is to impose strict punishment, rather than cleaning toilets and picking papers etc.

Well if young boys are difficult, girls are impossible. If women playing Khuru in Kira is not enough, there are girls fighting in night clubs. It was ridiculous to see Bhutanese housewives and middle aged woman in half kira playing Khura and cheering for themselves. Khuru, Bhutanese traditional game has been in the man’s domain for centuries until recently. God knows what those groups of women were trying to prove by invading the male domain, playing the masculine game.

However, that wasn’t as outrageous as the cat fight that happened over a fortnight ago. We did hear of women gangsters but couldn’t comprehend whether women really were capable of actually implementing it. With aggressive and frustrated boys and girls around, Thimphu in particular, has become unsafe for Bhutanese citizens to be out in the streets at night. What’s the world coming to? Whom do we blame, who’s responsible for untamed youngster? So many questions but hardly any answers.


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  1. Hi Tashi
    Let us accept that there is nothing extraordinary about a bunch of tipsy ladies engaging in an occasional barroom brawl. I think the problem with this particular one is that the parties involved were unwilling to admit that they are pretty regular Janes as anyone else. There was no need to think that they were above and beyond normal human failings.

    Now that the matter has been blown out of proportion, it is all set to cause some serious misery and loss of face and dignity. It is sad.

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