is Love a game of power, manipulation of emotion??

Well is there thing such as “true love”? For me I think the movies (especially Korean) has influenced so much that we always yearn true love but there’s no such thing.The word ‘true love’ is over hyped by people. There’s always a motive behind a guy’s every move. It’s always about something he wants from you that he’s displaying fake feelings and putting up an act.
I have dated my own share of guys. Old, young, intelligent, dull but I have never found that feeling that “he’s the one” in anyone of them because the moment I thought of some permanence then the guy just moves away and today I m left with the thought “there’s no guy made for me. Either he is not born yet or already dead” today I feel that instead of wasting time over some stupid guy why don’t I just study well and do well for my self in life.
The question that always strikes me as odd is: am I not worthy of love? Why is every guy prejudiced against me? What have I done to end up like this? Sometimes it’s so lonely but because of all the wrong guys I dated, I have become so untrusting. I m scared to meet any new guys because I fear that the new guys may end up like the old ones. What if all guys are same? What if history repeats itself?
I have always thought I met my Mr Right only to find it’s the wrong one again…but i guess nobody’s perfect and the concept of Mr. Right and true love is just Hoax….

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  1. wow i can't let myself agree u then huhh just feel that its absolute true..hehe even i feel that way..Mr.RIGHT or just die with lonely Tagged….

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