Mother’s Job

I woke up early
Get my son ready
Feed my daughter
To see her laughter

I do my domestic chores
With a hurried breakfast
Drop my son to school
And rush off to work

On my desk sits a mountain of work
Clearing away the load
Eats away the time
It is lunch before I realized

To home for a brief lunch
And to feed my daughter
Also to pick up my son
And rush back to work

5 pm is here much too soon
after spending 15 minutes
in traffic, I reach home
to battle with household chores

There’s dinner to be cooked
Kids to be fed
Laundry to be done
dishes to be washed

It’s already 11 pm

When all these tasks are done
I’m on the verge of collapsing
and fast asleep
the minute my head touches the pillow

Only to be awakened
in a few hours by the
Shrieking sound of my alarm
to start the day all over again

Being a mother is hard
24 hours is not nearly enough
there’s only so much
one can do;

Yet you always feel guilty
of not doing enough
of not being there..and so,
one is on the guilt-driven journey


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