Yet another ‘Lomba’ away from Home

I just found out that my folks at home are busy with the Lomba celebrations. This is one time of the year I miss home and my folks terribly. It’s been ages since I was home on the occasion of Lomba. I have been trying to be gay all day laughing at silly jokes, overlooking others’ fault and tried my best to be patient because I didn’t want my new year to start on a bad note. On the whole the day’s passed pretty well.

I still intend to clean my office and my house thoroughly. Afterwards I plan to cook many delicies and have nicely. This year at least I’m not lonely, God with his good grace has granted me with company of this wonderful person and I am happy and thankful of the presence of this person in my life.

2011 has been a pretty good year for me in terms of career development, financial gains and personal relationships. With God’s grace everybody had good times. On this scared and joyous occasion my my New Year (Lomba), I wish everyone a Happy Lomba and a very successful and fulfilling year ahead.
May peace prevail on earth..

Lomba Tashi Delek @Everyone.


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