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KTLK is an Indian TV soap starring Mohnish Bahl and Kritika Kamra. It is a love story about two doctors who are divided by age, generation, beliefs and their outlook towards life. The story begins when Dr. Nidhi (Kritika Kamra) starts internship at the hospital where Dr. Ashutosh (MB) is working (Dr. Kotinis General Hospital).

They are two very different individuals. While Nidhi is bubbly, carefree and full of life, Dr. Ashutosh is reserved, anti-social and has very few friends. One such friend is Dr. Malika who is a colleague and senior surgeon at the same hospital. You will find out that their 12 years of friendship will be mentioned time and again in the series. Dr. Malika has been in love with Dr. Ashutosh for ages but he only considers her a good friend. Throughout the series, we will see Dr. Malika using their 12 years of friendship to emotionally blackmail him.

Our protagonists’ love story although divided by huge age gap is a budding beautiful love story. Dr. Ashutosh is a middle aged man who had lost all hopes of love or marriage neither cared for such. However, all that was going to change with Nidhi. Well who can blame him? She’s so lovable, full of life, positive vibes and high spirited. I certainly feel envious of her life. Despite absence of a mother in her life, she has so many loving people around her and she’s so well off that she doesn’t have the pressure of work like other girls in the world. For instance, when she got all-India 14th rank in MBBS exams, she would have prayed to God to fail her. Later when she starts internship at Dr. Kotinis’ General Hospital, she would plead with Dr. Ashutosh (her HOD) to fire her so that her father will be convinced she’s not made to be doctor and other hospitals wouldn’t hire her and she will be free.

Although a very bright doctor, due to sequence of irresponsible actions on her part will get her wishes. She will be allowed to resign from the hospital and yet she won’t be happy. She wouldn’t find the happiness she is supposed to experience (feel) upon quitting. This has been observed by her father too.

Dr. Ashutosh on the other hand is clearly disappointed, it is clear from his expression that he is not so happy about her decision. Although, he is mostly irked by her childish behavior and her naughtiness, it is apparent that he misses her. This feeling is further fueled by the kids in the children’s ward demanding to have her back. Viewers would get to see that the Hospital Management would ask her to come back but she wouldn’t relent.

The next time we see the duo (Nidhi-Ashu) together is on the occasion of Priyanka’s wedding, she is also an intern at the same hospital. Some significant event throws the couple together during the wedding, however, the highlight of the event was when they get soaked in October rain on their way back home and how they seek Chai-wala (tea stall) afterwards. They are drawn together once more. There are other coincidences too when destiny seems eager to throw them in each other’s path. In fact, the favorite term of this series is “Itifaaq” (meaning coincidence/destiny in Hindi), because where these two are concerned ‘itifaaq’ happens quite often. Eventually, when Ashutosh drops off Nidhi at her house, he ask her again if she would like to come back to the hospital. She refuses again citing she and her father will be leaving for a vacation in Europe the next day.

The next day when she was ready to embark on her Europe journey she learns that Ashutosh was taken sick due to their soaking in rain. At the airport, she snatches her passport from the Immigration Officials and returns home. Her father cancels the trip without any question. In Nidhi we can see a modern, 21st century girl; stubborn and little selfish. We will observe that for Ashutosh’s happiness she will make a lot of people unhappy and worried. She then visit Ashutosh at his home and in the following days she becomes a frequent visitor there. Gradually, she learns about his likes and dislikes, we will also get to see Ashutosh laughing a lot when she is around. Her effect on his life is quite apparent.

—- To be continued..


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