Love Across Generation – Part IV

Sonam, her mom and son went home and had lunch. Sonam had lots of household chores to do. It was late evening when she got some leisure time to spend with her folks. The house felt like a home with her mom and son about.

It was around 11 AM the next morning when Rigyel came to pick up Pelyap for the football match. They were going to watch the match between Thimphu City and Paro FC. Pelyap was excited, he wore his Jersey shirt, sneakers and sports shorts. Sonam added his blue cap to attire and applied banana boat sunscreen to the exposed body parts. When the door bell rang, he jumped off the sofa and went to open the door. Rigyel said his greetings to her mom and patted on Pelyap’s back, a familiar gesture, nearly brought tears to Sonam’s eyes. She offered him something to drink but he promised to have something post match and left with Pelyap.

Sonam’s mom was full of questions. She wanted to know why he was spending time with a coworker’s son. Sonam said they are good friends but her mom wasn’t convinced.
“It is something about the way he looks at you, when he thinks nobody is watching” said her mom. Sonam insisted that wasn’t the case and her mom let the subject rest, for the moment at least.

The boys returned a couple of hours later. Pelyap wouldn’t stop talking about the match. However, he was asleep within the hour. Sonam offered Rigyel coffee and this time he has accepted. Sonam’s mom was so engrossed in singing competition program on BBS2. While Sonam and Rigyel were sitting on the four-seater dining table a few meters away from the sitting room area. Rigyel took Sonam’s hand in his, stroked her fingers gently and mouthed “I miss you” in a whisper. She looked up at his face and smiled sweetly. He then released her hand.

Rigyel emptied the coffee and got up to go. Just then, Sonam’s mom asked him if he would like to stay for dinner. Rigyel and Sonam exchanged a knowing look then he said, “I’d love to, if it’s not much trouble for you all.” Her mom assured him it wasn’t then he stayed. However, he insisted on helping in the kitchen. Mom was so understanding, she never entered the kitchen while the two were cooking.

In the kitchen, romance blossomed. The duo were so in sync with each other that it felt like the most natural thing in the world. Rigyel took every opportunity to touch Sonam even if it was just a brush of hands while fetching things like laddle or a bowl. Sonam, on the other hand, felt quite awkward. Their age difference is still fresh in her mind. She had deep feelings for him but she was conscious on the physical side of things. When the dinner was served, they sat down like a real family, totally in harmony.

Despite, her denials of admittance, Rigyel frequently visited Sonam’s residence in the week that her mom and son were visiting. They visited Dechenphug and Changzamtog lhakhang together. They also went to Buddha Point with Rigyel. Separately, Rigyel took Pelyap to a 3D movie and Footsal match. Then on Saturday, exactly a week after they arrived, Sonam’s mom and son left for Gelephu. Pelyap wanted to stay more but mom couldn’t miss any more classes than she did as she was already behind her lesson plans.

Life seemed dull with her family gone but Sonam got company from Rigyel whenever she wished. He visited most evenings but never stayed the night. They were still in the initial state of their relationship, both wanted to take things slowly.

– – to be continued – –


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