Love Across Generation – Part III

The weekend was here in a flash. Time sure seemed to fly. On Friday evening, Sonam eagerly waited for her mom and son. They were coming to Thimphu for her mom’s medical checkup. She has complained of body aches and muscle cramps recently. Sonam’s parents are both teachers in Gelephu. Her son Pelyap lives with her parents since it was convenient but more importantly to get proper guidance in his study after all where is a better place than a home of two teachers?

Sonam reached the bus station 15 minutes prior to the arrival time. It was drizzling outside so she decided to wait inside the comfort of her compact car. The bus arrived on its scheduled time. She went to meet her folks. Pelyap, upon seeing her, ran to her and gave her a tight hug and a peck on her cheek. How much the kid has grown since she last saw him six months ago? His height is few inches shy of her shoulder level. Her mom seemed to have aged a little too. She looked thinner and there were more fine lines on her face. There was abundance of grey in her hair but her mom didn’t bother to dye it. Sonam appreciated her mom’s choice to age gracefully.

It was an emotional reunion for the family. Amid her troublesome marriage and her budding relationship, she had forgotten how emotionally drained she was. Her mom had always rendered a shoulder to cry on whenever Sonam had boyfriend troubles in the past and now seemed no different.

Pelyap was talking excitedly nonstop on their way home. He wanted to update his mom of all the happenings in their lives in Gelephu. The mother daughter duo could do nothing but listen to him silence. Sonam thought her heart might burst of pride and joy. Her young man is growing up to be a fine human being. He seemed so much wiser and mature for his age. Her parents are definitely doing a fine job of raising him and she was so grateful to them.

When they reached home, Sonam let her mom to unpack and settle in while she cooked dinner. Afterwards, they leisurely had dinner and talked. Her mom once remarked about her husband’s absence but seemed satisfied when she was told about his tour. After dinner, Sonam gave Pelyap a warm bath and put him to sleep in her bed. She missed sleeping with her baby.

Sonam woke up early on Saturday morning to prepare breakfast for the family. They were all going to the hospital, JDWNR. They reached JDW at 9 AM. A few minutes later, she literally bumped into Rigyel. “Of all the places..” she thought. He insisted she introduce him to her mom and son.
“Kuzangpo la ama” he shook her mom’s hand respectfully.
Sonam introduced him as her colleague. He then turned his attention to her son.
“And you must be Pelyap. I have heard a lot about you from your mom.” Pelyap’s expression was puzzled but said hi and hid behind Sonam.
“Look,” said Rigyel to Sonam “if you need to help your mom, why don’t I take him off your hands for some time. I am anyways waiting for my friend. You have nothing to worry about. I shall take good care of him.”
Surprisingly, Pelyap agreed to this arrangement instantly. Rigyel has promised him the slides and swings. They were total strangers a moment ago but took to each other like ‘a moth to fire’. When they left, her mom has remarked “what a nice young man he is. Quite good looking as well.” Sonam didn’t say anything; she couldn’t possibly say anything without revealing her feelings. And her mom was champion at reading her.

Sonam suspected that Rigyel has planned with meeting because she has mentioned last night about accompanying her mom to the hospital. Nevertheless, she was happy about the planned coincidence. There was no end to what he could do to surprise her. In that moment she felt like the luckiest girl ever.

The doctor assured Sonam there was nothing significantly wrong with her mom. It was probably some muscle strain. He prescribed Ranitidine and brufen for 3 days and let them go. Once they were done, she secretly texted Rigyel to bring Pelyap. Rigyel offered to have lunch together but Sonam politely declined afraid of what her mother might think. On their way back home, Pelyap wouldn’t stop raving about Rigyel. Apparently, he was taken to the children’s park then to Good Vibes for fast food and ice cream. Rigyel has also promised to take Pelyap to the football stadium the next day.

— to be continued —


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