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My name is Peldon but readers and peer-bloggers know me as Tashi P. Ganzin. Actually my name is a long story. When I was born I was named Tashi Peday but because my family always called me Peday at home, my eldest sister registered my name as Peday in the census, the census officer entered my name as Peldon (English version of Peday I suppose). Well it doesn’t stop there, when I was in class PP (pre-primary) my name was Paddy (can you imagine?), I used to be embarrassed due to that because other kids used to tease me as paddy field, studying in the remote part of Bhutan where paddy fields are everywhere didn’t help either. The transition from Paddy to Peday to Peldon happened in school only, I can only credit that to school records or administrators responsible for that. Anyways in high school, my name did not change and it has been Peldon since but I do face problems with it especially here in Australia where all the systems mandate first and last name but because I have only one, I am called Peldon Peldon. People find it weird that there are some with just one name and when I find students with more than 5-6 long names? I get insanely jealous but life is never fair, isn’t it?

Let’s move to my education, I have always considered myself a bright student. From PP-class 5 I was always the second position holder in the class. In class 6 common exams, I topped my school although the aggregate is nothing to be proud of. Class 7 through 11 good again. In my 12th standard I became crazy about David Beckham so while others were busy studying, I was cutting snippet of Beckham pictures from the school library. As a result, I couldn’t qualify for any Bachelor’s course in Sherubtse College hence opted to do Diploma in IT in RIM. I wasn’t a high grader there either but fortunately I got a scholarship from ITU (International Telecommunication Unit) to pursue my Bachelor’s degree in Bangalore, India.

I found some hardworking decent friends there and we did so well in studies. After graduation, my friends and I got through RCSC Exams too; in fact I was 3rd and she was 4th in the IT Technical Category (although in college she used to score more), but I chose BNB over public service. Worked 3 years and I got this overwhelming opportunity to pursue my Master’s studies, thanks to the Australian Government. So here I am in my last semester of my course. Come 2016 and you will find me back in Bhutan.

A little bit about my family: I have a toddler who is a handful, he will be 2 on October 13th. My partner (I say partner because we did not have a formal wedding) and I currently reside in Queensland Australia. We are just a compact and happy family of three.

My blogging journey started in 2009 while preparing for my RCSC exams, I started it as a practice to writing my exams but because I was very passionate about it, I continued writing. However, life became busy (family happened :)) so the journey was cut short. Looking back, I realized that I was only writing stupid stuffs; I was writing without any knowledge of copyright, referencing online and quoting anybody without proper credit and so I became conscious. In order to refine my write-ups and not getting time to do so, I am missing out the posts. However, this semester, I am doing a unit that is solely run on blogs….so I am back!

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