Why I love reading

It was in the year 2000 when Sonam Kinga (deputy chairman, NC) and his colleague visited our school during the ‘reading week’. He was so fluent in English and it was wondrous to listen to him speaking. Since he was so good I never thought he’d be good with Dzongkha. But when he actually spoke in Dzongkha he was fluent there too.

Gosh! The guy was admirable. Then he shared his little secret with us. He said he has read more than 300 novels. I was inspired by him. I had never read anything before so in my 9th standard I started with my first books, ‘Nancy Drew’ and ‘Hardy Boys’ but I am not ashamed in admitting it. You always have to start somewhere right? Though I started late, I felt it was better late than never.

Since then I have read more than 300 novels too ( don’t get me wrong there I keep count of every book I read in my diary), though I couldn’t be like Sonam Kinga, I’m glad he has introduced me to the world of information. Books are truly a man’s best friend and windows to the world.


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  1. sometime not true in case of Bhutanese small society that only cream gets. Corruption is there n all the interview. Interview is just for name sake and candidate would be identified before the interview.
    Some sort of kick, pull push also works. That time, deserving grades need to vegetate at home with no reason

  2. for me, I have not read even a single novel in my life and I know that is going to be the greatest regret in my life.
    But I do read short magazines, newspapers and other short articles.
    For me, I think writing is one of the best way to improve our skills in reading as well as speaking. So I always keep on writing what ever comes to my mind almost everyday.
    Keep reading, you can become even better them the persons you have mentioned.

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