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Who’s Gonna Be Next: DPT (itself) or PDP?

There are people who are not at all into politics but I guess I am not one of them. As of now, no I don’t want to get into politics because I don’t have the experience or people’s support but I have dreamed of being a MP one day 8 – 10 years down the line.

For now I don’t care much about who’s ruling and who’s opposition in the parliament but there are people who says the DPT government will not get his/her vote the next election. Maybe for him the DPT government isn’t living up to the expectations of the people. And yet there’s another group of people who says the DPT government hasn’t got the luck because of the earthquake and the floods we experienced in the past year. Now the question is can we really blame the government for natural calamities and disasters? I guess the Buddhism in us is to be blamed. Maybe we are being hysterical because natural calamity is because of scientific reasons and not because of the ruling government.

Whatever the reason maybe the next election in 2013 is going to be tough one since the ruling party is losing the trust of the people. I have heard of many people who wants vote in favor of the opposition party the next election. Some people say our opposition leader resembles the US President, Barack Obama and they think just like Obama we can expect young and dynamic leadership from the OL Tshering Tobgay.

I believe only time can tell whether it’s going to be the opposition party or the DPT government itself which would be winning the next election. And whoever is ruling next time I hope there will be some women ministers because I need the encouragement if I am going to be contesting one day from Paro.

The DPT government is doing all it can and we find many times the ruling and the opposition party agreeing except for few cases like CDG (Constitution Development Grant), which is being opposed by the OL and the government still went ahead despite the protest from NC and opposition.

CDG is not supposed to be spend on recurring expenses but some MPs spent on boating facilities in the south (newspapers reported) and other stuffs. The opposition’s reason must be because if the government impress people with the CDG then there’s chances that they win the next election as well but I personally don’t take to CDG because it might function in the first few years then it could go to the MPs’ pocket.

And yet CDG has one advantage: it means equal development of all dzongkhags. As of now the development work is only being carried out in the east because government considers that part as under-developed. Dzongkhags like Paro has nothing being done. Is it bad that people there are already doing well? There’s nothing in the 10th FYP for Paro and being a parop I am really worried.

Well back to the topic. Who’s going to rule next? Is it going to be the DPT (itself) or PDP? Whom would you vote for?

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