Which is best: BNBL or RCSC?

Sometimes having options is not totally cool because it creates confusion in us. At this point I am totally confused whether to opt for BNBL or go for government job.

Some say BNBL pays more and there are loan advantages and that I should go for BNBL. On the other hand, there’s RCSC and job security and my folks wants me to opt for government job.

I wish I knew what’s best for me so I could get in with clear conscience but nobody can predict the future and I am left in dilemma whether to remain with BNBL or to join the civil service.

I personally was never in favor of the government jobs but with 2 more banks coming up in Bhutan I can’t even say if I have a future in BNBL and also I am not so familiar with the BNBL service rules so I can’t be sure when I might get fired.

I guess it all boils down to making the right choice in life and I am not even sure which is the right job for me. Since the RCSC results my mind was never settled and people make me more confused.

What should I do? Which job is better for me? I wish somebody could list all the pros and cons of my options so that I could opt for the best one.


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