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Well behaved women rarely make history

Well one time I was just reading something when I came across this phrase “well behaved women rarely make history” and I was thinking how true it is. Just look at all those women who have been constantly in the news for the wrong reasons. Well I do agree there’s hardly anything as being in the news for the ‘right reasons’.

All women who have been in the news frequently are those outrageous women. For instance, we have Paris Hilton is the west who’s more in the news because of her parties and status than her acting and singing skills. Often we hear of her leaked sex tapes and nude pictures but not many talks about her credibility as an actress. Also we have Lindsay Lohan, who’s been in the news for her gay status and lesbian affairs with Sam Rosnon.

And in bollywood we have our drama queen Rakhi Sawant. I heard a NDTV reporter saying “love her, hate her but you just can’t ignore her” and that’s true about Raki Sawant. A small town item girl has risen to a celebrity status, due to her publicity ability. She even went to the extend of making mockery of marriage in a cultured and conservative country like India, by marrying on reality show ‘Rakhi Ka Sayambar’. Right after her engagement she has said she is not sure if Elesh (her fiancé), is the right man for her. Just imagine what would she do if she is in America instead of India? I wouldn’t be surprised if she dance nude.

Well I am not criticizing those women. In fact I think I admire them. They are women with ‘guts’ and in my I think they deserve respect for their bold attitude, courage and guts. With their nonchalant ‘devil-may-care’ attitude I think those women got it all. I call that thing as grace. We all have something to learn from those women.

Well back home, our women have made no history. Bhutanese women are so well behaved. They are silent like mouse. Penny Jordan has said, “The days when women’s sole aim in life is to secure a husband are long gone”. Women in Bhutan have moved forward a lot but there are still social issues they are not comfortable with. Women in Bhutan always consider themselves not so equal to their male counterpart.

Maybe it’s time we all gain some guts do whatever we want to do and be whom we want to be. And like “a leopard does not change his spot,” if Bhutanese women don’

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