Vegetating Graduates

Is it because of the unemployment problem in the country that so many graduates: be it degree or class 12 or 10 are vegetating at home? Every year thousands are graduating and only the cream gets employed and rest just frustrates.

Maybe it’s time you ask yourself what’s lacking in you that when others can get, why not you? Maybe there’s something wrong with you. Maybe your grades are not as good as the next guy or maybe you don’t have the interview skills. Whatever the problem is, it’s high time you pause and assess yourself.

The Genpact lady was right. I think it’s important you check your resume (CV) every often and see if it’s changing. Otherwise it means you have been idle for sometime.

It’s amazing that graduates can just stay home and be a burden to their parents. What’s the need for one to graduate if only to stay home and do nothing? It’s no use taking your frustrations on your parents. It’s not their fault that you didn’t get employed.

One can only wonder how those grads can live with guilty conscience and shame staying idle when your employed friend could have earned thousands in that time you were vegetating.
Maybe it’s something to do with our Bhutanese attitude. Our attitude was never right for a start. We Bhutanese always seek working in a cozy office even when your grades aren’t so well.

Life, even in a country as small as ours have become, “survival of the fittest”. The competition is always stiff. You can’t simply expect to apply for any post all by yourself because for one vacancy there will be hundreds applying so better be prepared for the battle. It’s always the best man that wins.

Yet there are people with good grades but fail at the interview. In such cases you need to sharpen your interview skills. It’s not wrong to browse the net or ask your friends about the interview process. You can practice in front of a mirror or even ask your friend to assess you.

Is our ego so big that we can’t stoop to Blue Collar jobs? You only get what you deserve. Maybe it’s time you know your worth instead of letting your ego come between you and work.


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  1. What kind of attitude you are talking about, It comes through studies and after that it comes when you get a nice job, Yap I have seen many Bhutanese showing off with their parents money and wasting the money in unnecessary stuffs, It’s really sad to say that after scoring good marks also our seniors didn’t get job in Bhutan any ways I can hope that this time at least u people will get nice job. Attitude with father hard earn money, Is not appreciated

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