Vegetarian in the true sense of word…?

I have been a vegetarian ever since I could recall. There were several incidents that lead to me being a vegetarian today. When I was a little girl, my ex-brother-in-law went fishing and caught a bowl full of fishes. I had so many fishes that night to last me a lifetime. That was the last I saw of any fishes. I had never touch a fish since then and today I have forgotten the taste of fish so it was all as good as never had fish in my life because the childhood memories of fish was so vague that I can’t recall the taste.

There was another incident where I became repellent to chicken. That incident too happened during my childhood. Those days we had so many hens (red hens which lays huge red eggs), and so eggs used to be in abundance at home. Well one day, my eldest sister and her friend, while working near the poultry happened to have provoked the hen-eating creature (called ‘zemo’ in Dzongkha. I am not sure what’s it called in English) which used to reside in our ‘oka’ (cow shed). That creature had formed grudge against my sister and her friend and as a result killed all of our hens. That night was a chicken party. That time too I had too much chicken that I didn’t want to have another in my lifetime. Well those were the reasons I stopped having fish and chicken in my life. Never had I tasted fish or chicken again till now. Although the taste of the said meat is all gone from my mouth, even to these days I dare not touch those.

Well even as I child I was always partial to all kinds of meat. The only meat I tasted was pork and beef. I haven’t tasted mutton or any sea meat neither do I desire too. Even then, I wasn’t so fond of pork and beef. This was a reason which eventually resulted in me becoming a vegetarian. Though I used to take only the above said meat, it was only in my tenth standard that I stopped taking meat completely. I have been vegetarian since then. When I first started out, I was a pure vegetarian but today I am not what they called ‘pure’ because I started having noodles with chicken soups a couple of years ago.

Another reason why I am not a pure vegetarian is because I started having eggs few months ago. The reason I started having eggs is very ridiculous. Well it was in Bangalore and I used to read and collect articles from ‘Times of India’. It so happened that, one day I came across an article where a man has lost some 30 kilos having diet of eggs only. That was when I was tempted to try eggs and lose weight too but I didn’t do it right. That man from the article had boiled eggs but I had fried eggs with dripping oil which eventually lead me to gain weight instead of losing it.

Today I feel that I am not a ‘vegetarian in the true sense of the word’ because I started having eggs and chicken soup. There’s also an incident where I had taken beef for just one night. Well that too happened in Bangalore. My friend and a room mate had so much beef, which she felt lazy to cook and was lying as waste so I was tempted to try it out. I must say that was a horrible experience. The beef tasted terrible and I regretted the moment I had it. I still feel guilty of having had that beef though I stopped again that very moment.

There’s no reason as to why I became vegetarian except because I didn’t like meat much. Some people think I must be really religious minded not to be taking it but that’s not the reason. I never stopped meat because I pity the animals and want to spare them because it’s not in my nature to be too sentimental and pious. There’s not many reason but today if you tell me to take meat, I can’t, however tempting it might be because now I feel guilty even of thinking about meat. It has become something not edible to me. Well there are times when meat becomes so tempting and irresistible but still I couldn’t take it because of the guilty conscience.

Today I feel very bad of not being a ‘pure’ vegetarian. In times to come, I will gradually try and stop taking eggs and chicken soup and become a vegetarian in the true sense as before. Meat I believe is never meant to be my diet and it’s disgusting to take it.

So friends let’s sympathize with the animals, pity and spare them and let us all ‘GO GREEN’!!!!!


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