Unemployment Issues

Reports and statistics say that, we have 13,000 unemployment youths in the country. Some say this is due to the mismatch between the people’s requirement the jobs available.

But mostly it’s because of our attitude towards ‘blue-collar’ jobs. Every job seeker wants to work in office with rotating chair and desktop in front of them, but there’s a stiff competition today in the job market due to increasing numbers of job seekers every year. You either got to have good grade in academic or you need to be daughter/niece/nephew/son/relative of some MDs/secretaries etc. if you do not fall in the either category then you sure are a loser.

There are also cases where there are jobs but people do not want them because the jobs did not meet their criteria. Either the pay is less or the job is manual laboring job. If readers could please refer my previous article called “ridiculous decision”. There I have cited an example of this case.


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