Uncertain future

RCSC exams are over and at the briefing they announced the availability of six slots for some 150 plus people in my category. At first I couldn’t believe my ears, I thought I heard it wrong but friends affirmed it.

I still tend to believe it was some sort of nightmare. Last year they had 30 slots and this time only 6. Having not done the written exams particularly well I can’t help worrying. Why does it have to happen to me only? Why this time, why not the previous years? So many questions pop up in my head but I have no answers.

Even with the exams over there’s no rest to the mind. Tensions pile and there’s no certainty whatsoever of the future. Where would I be one month from now or two months? What am I suppose to be doing?

There are around one thousand graduates appearing for RCSC exams out of which some 200 will be placed with RCSC. Where will the rest of the grads go? There’s hardly any vacancies in the corporate and private sector.
Seniors and civil servants say RCSC has adopted some policy of “zero growth” which means they would not be recruiting any more people into the civil service only inter-ministerial or inter-departmental transfer is there. But where will the grads of this year and next year and the next next year go?

What’s the zero growth? Is it some kind of dirty joke? Maybe the government should tell the students to stop studying or stop pursuing further studies. Well if there’s no job in the market then why waste time and money to get educated?


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  1. Hi Tashi,
    I hope you will get through rcse exams with colorful result. I will definately pray for you. Although I don't know you personally, yet I felt the pain knowing how worried you are about your future job prospect. It's a shame that such a bright young lady as yourself has to worry so much about the job. Keep your spirit up-I'm sure everything will be just fine in the end.
    God bless you

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