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I know twitter is some sort of short blogging system. I also know that you can twit from your mobile to your blog, a way to keep your friend and readers updated on what’s going on with you. In fact I have reserved a space on the right-side bar on my blog for my twitter updates but I wasn’t sure if our mobiles could support this.  I knew twitter is a hot stuff in the western world but in the third world countries, I couldn’t be sure.
So I was shocked to see twitter on OL Tshering Tobgay’s blog. Frankly speaking, I must have conceived this idea long before he did but things doesn’t work so easily for us so he got it on his blog before I could.  I do admire him for keeping in touch with his readers with twitter updates, twitting his daily and hourly activity on his blog.
I just can’t comprehend how the guy’s done that. Don’t even know whether it’s some mobile application or internets, whether it’s free or charged. Can anybody tell me how it’s done here in Bhutan? But I’m guessing you have no idea too since nobody has it on his/her blog except for the OL.


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