Too good to be true

Last time I have read of reports in kuensel where some women where four Bhutanese women were cheated of so much of money on the promise of getting work and visas in the UK. In our everyday life we get spam mails promising millions of dollars, conning the innocent people. Most people fell prey to such junk mails.

It happened to me too. Few years ago when I wasn’t aware of this things happening, I got a mail saying my email address was chosen by the committee and that I won 2 million USD, which of course sounds too good to be true. I was so excited so I called my sister immediately to share the good news but I was rubbished by my sister saying that it’s just a spam.

It was an embarrassing thing and I was glad I didn’t share it with anyone except my sister. I was supposed to send them my address and bank account number so that they can transfer the huge amount to my account. That wasn’t all because these people asked me to send few hundred dollars which according to them should cover the expenses involved in the transfer.

How are they going to benefit from this? They ask me few hundred dollars at first for the charges. If I had been stupid enough to have sent the amount, they would ask me again and again and which eventually would become a good amount. Thank god I did not have a fat purse.

Although I was new to this thank god I didn’t act reckless because you never know what would have happened to me otherwise.
In our everyday lives many people fall victims to the spam mail but they should have known that this thing is ‘too good to be true’.


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  1. true…. i still do receive lots of spam even now and then i would be busy asking them to donate their money for charity instead of giving to me or sometimes busy sending a love letter to them… hehe… wat a fool..
    Once my fren has also faxed his details said to UKlotto.. and so many incidents.
    Nice that you have shared ur experience with us.

  2. They send such message to not only you, millions of people. People doing this is just their business. So if they get some 100$ fro m you, they won't ask u to send again but they ask small amount from many people which will make it enough earning for their business.
    Many people are victim of such spams, phishing and cheating. We should never expect miracle to happen without investing even a pie.. how can we win million when we didn't even compete in.
    Good that you brought this topic here. ll help to raise awareness among us.

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