Today’s symposium at NGOP

Well I was to be an extra speaker for today’s symposium titled “urban housing problem in Bhutan” from my house. When I complained to the house master and the councilors that I did not get to do any symposiums and debate I was asked to be the extra speaker for today. Last night and yesterday I spent so much browsing everything on the topic. Since all the speakers were reading from the paper, I thought to take a different approach to this so I asked my old friend in Bangalore to prepare a PowerPoint presentation for me (he used to do in college too). Well he did prepare a beautiful presentation and also I prepared a slide wise explanation, printed it and went today (I lost my favorite 4 GB pen drive in the process).

There after one session was symposium was coming. I went in search of Nanda (he’s the technical person there and an old friend of mine). I found him outside near the canteen. I asked him to arrange a laptop and the projector for me but to my horror he said it cannot be done because he was ordered by his seniors not to present on the laptop. Finally having succumbed to his decision I went in. there I decided since I was extra speaker maybe I will have to do away with this idea but inside I met with one of my councilors (girl’s) and I was informed that there were no other speaker and I was the one to speak.

Terror gripped me then. I was much disorganized because of the PowerPoint. Everything I had was in the slides but some explanation. Still I had to represent my house so when called I went up to the stage in a very nervous state. I was to be the last speaker since I was the last to reach the stage. There were guests from ministry of works and human settlement (MoWHS), the planning officers and some engineers.

Well my fear receded after hearing the other speakers. They were no better than me. Finally it was my turn to take the stage. Although I was shaking literally I spoke confidently and I would have to say it didn’t go that bad.

Today’s was my 7th time and probably the last time speaking during the national graduate orientation programme (NGOP).


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