Thank god! It was just a nightmare..

I had a very vague recollection of being in the queue, lined up for something like a meal. My stomach was making sounds and I was wondering when my turn would come for the queue was very long.

Well one moment I was there and the next I was being snatched away. I failed to see the face of my captor because he was behind me. Large hands gripped my under-arms and I was taken away, as one of the chosen ones.
There were around few girls whose faces were vaguely familiar because they were there among the crowd, in the queue too. I didn’t know why we were kidnapped and brought here.

The place looked like a hotel lobby and people there were very casual with us, as if kidnapping girls is their everyday job and not crime. Finally the shrewd looking lady appeared. Something tells me that she’s the mastermind behind all these. It finally dawned on me the purpose of us being there. The lady was so cruel when one of the girls complained. She was so casual when she said what we are to be doing to her customers.

At first she didn’t notice me sulking in the dark corner but then she came to me and asked what my problem was. That was when opportunity presented itself to me. I faked sickness, fortunately for me I found a wound on my tongue then. I explained why I won’t be able to do what she wants me to do with my mouth to her customers.

Just then a stout, fair and ugly man appeared on the doorway. After scanning the girls, he said to the lady that he wants the girl in a red jacket. My first instinct was to check my jacket which to my relief was not red. After the man was gone, the lady again turned her attention to me and said I could go and rest and come back later. I thought she said I was free. In my mind, I thought I could go from there and bring authorities with me and rescue the other girls as well, though I didn’t dare voice out my thoughts, but the lady only meant I could rest in the premises of her hotel where her people could keep an eye on me if I was up to anything mischievous.

Just then, a cheerful girl came in. in her hands she had a rubber glove the doctors use for operation. I believe she’s the only girl who came to the hotel willingly. With her glove, she said, she intends to use on her mouth when she performs task for the lady.

I felt trapped then. I thought there was no end to this. The lady lured us to believe that it was only for one time but somehow I had the feeling that the lady meant to keep us there permanently. Just then I was lead upstairs to rest. Within a short span of hours, I planned so many escape plans but it was out of question with so many employees and male customers around.

Upstairs there were so many cubicles each with a cozy bed and outrageous photographs of models hung at the post of the beds. It gave me Goosebumps thinking I’d be occupying one of the cubicles soon and entertaining the lady’s customers.

The lady ushered me into room in which there were several gamblers but nobody too any notice of me when I passed them. For them a scared and pathetic looking girl is an everyday event. The lady shoved me on the bed next to the gamblers and told me to take rest before she comes back to fetch me. But sleep was out of question since I had to plan an escape first. Through half-opened eyes I noticed the lady exited the room leaving me to the mercy of the drunken gamblers. When she was gone, I cried my eyes out hoping some of the gamblers may help me but they didn’t even take any notice of me. As far as they were concerned, I did not exist.

I looked about my surrounding but no escape was deemed possible. The hotel was huge and breaking out of it seemed near impossible task. If I ever attempted I’d be caught by the hotel employees or the customers, loyal to the wicked lady. I felt truly trapped but I was still contemplating an escape before the filthy men could lay a finger on me. I was in agony but nobody even bothered to ask me what happened. These men out there were all animals and I promised to myself that if ever I got out alive, I’d take each and every one of them down. I’d inform the authorities about the kind of business being operated in that hotel and ruin the evil lady.

Suddenly I felt very breathless and woke up with a start. I found myself sitting straight in my bed. Thank god! It was just a nightmare. Even if it was just a dream, the experience felt so real. It’s still fresh and vivid memory in my mind.

Now I can understand how some women end up in flesh trade business (whore), by circumstances and I can feel their agony. I just wish I could do something for women forced into this business….


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