Tell me about yourself?

If you have attended any interviews, you must have encountered this question. It has been asked so often yet we fail to answer this question. We fail because there are not many things we can blabber about ourselves. Well, having said that, I have come across this question in the interviews too yet I could not satisfactorily answer this question because there’s nothing significant to talk about myself.

In college, we were made to attend seminars, workshops etc to improve our interview skills. They gave guidelines of how to go about interviews. Your manners, behaviors, dress code and every ethics play a vital role in the interview. My teachers used to say, “An interview is a formal meeting where you sell yourself to the highest bidder.” Some says, Bhutanese people by nature, make ourselves so humble that we would not tell every assets of ours to the interviewer but interview is not the time to make yourself humble instead you should boast of your every asset. You have to show the interviewer what are made of.

Well I guess I got little diverted so let me come to the point. In the following line I’d be writing about the answer to the above question. If I were asked to tell about myself, this is what I am going to tell them. Well before I begin, I have heard that when you are talking about yourself, you should always begin with the recent event and trace back in time to where you started it all.

Well here it goes…my name is Payday and I hail from Paro. I have a degree in computer applications (BCA) with good ranking. Before that, I did a diploma in IT. I did my school in my native only. Well I may not be very intelligent but I am a hard working person, very particular and very organized. When I do anything I believe in doing it well. I am a very neat person and I want everything about me in a proper place. My hobbies are reading novels (esp romantic ones), watching TV and writing stories. I have the habit of making a “to do” list every day and at the end of the day I mark (tick) all things I could accomplish that day and that can make me happy so I can say little things make me happy. I am very punctual by nature. Time management is one of my virtues. I believe in doing things on time.

Readers, please advice me how to go about answering this question. Please comment on what I have written above. They might ask me that question for VIVA.


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  1. well.. i will be answeing the same question as here it goes
    My name is so n so,basically i belong to dharwad bt at present i am staying in Bangalore i finished my BCA in so n so college and i finished my PU n 10th in Dharwad n my hobbies are so n so…
    anyways No can beat u ya u'r the best

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