Stalkers behind me…

At 9 pm I was still in the office (correction, my brother’s office), browsing and chatting. It was really late and I knew I had to leave but my legs won’t oblige. Finally with a heavy heart I rose to leave all the temptations behind me.

I knew I should have left by 8 instead of being an hour late. As I climbed down the endless spiral staircase my heart started hammering against my chest. There were few youngsters smoking on the corridor but I tried not to show my fear, walking as fast as my legs could manage.
When I reached the ground floor those youngsters started descending the stairs too. Fear gripped my heart. I looked around but the street was completely deserted except for few stray dogs loitering.

I started increasing my pace my walking faster but I didn’t want those kids to think I was afraid and they were fast catching up on me. I couldn’t think of running with those high hills on and if I didn’t I was in danger. What was I to do? There was not a soul in sight and I knew I was in trouble but I couldn’t give up then. I had to do everything I could to rescue myself from the gangsters.

I was almost running now but those punks were not so far behind me. In fact the distance became even lesser between us. I knew I needed help but I didn’t even know if 911 worked in Bhutan as well. I have always had that fantasy of being kidnapped by a gangster and falling in love but reality seemed much harder than that. Maybe Korean movies have inculcated that fantasy in me but then I realized I no longer wanted to be kidnapped by any gangsters, not even by a millionaire for that matter.

I had to keep my sanity if I had to fight those punks so I pretended not to be scared but I was shaking. Those punks seemed drunk and were arguing on something I couldn’t comprehend then. Finally the clock tower came in sight and I was relieved to find few people there. The youngsters behind me started walking leisurely maybe they didn’t want trouble too but I could sense them behind me still.

When I reached near those people I literally ran. I couldn’t dare look behind me for the fear that they might run too but I just ran and ran until I reached the footsteps of my house. There I kept buzzing the doorbell until it was opened by my brother. As soon as the door opened I jumped inside and banged the door behind me and latched it. It was only then I could release my pent up breath. I was so relieved to be in the confine of my house and for the first time in my life I thanked god for having a premises of my own.

I was so grateful to those people at the clock tower. It was only because of those people I didn’t become one of the rape victims today. Sometimes even strangers can touch your life unknowingly….


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