Spare the rod and spoil the child?

Last Friday as I was entering the building I live in I saw a bunch of school going kids smoking behind the closed door of the main entrance to the building. I was shocked to see school children, majority girls, smoking without a care in the world. From their behavior I could say they are not the residents of the building otherwise they may not smoke in open for the fear of their parents finding out.

On further enquiry I found out that those are the children who have come to take tuition from some teachers residing in the building. It’s so distressing to see children especially girls at so tender age to indulge themselves in the behaviors as such. I tried to make them fear by making some faces but in vain. They were not to be perturbed and regarded me with an expression of indifference. Well since last Friday, the trend is on. Everyday at around 4 – 5 pm the corridor in our building smells of smoke only because those kids are using the corridor as their smoking zone. This is affecting not only them but the residents of the building too.

I wish those kids knew the side-effects of smoking. Where are the parents of those kids? Are they sending their children for tuition or for smoking?

He who helps the guilty shares the crime

– Syrus


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  1. O God, I should have seen them!
    Tashi, I think you should let the teachers who is tutoring them know about the corridor affair. He/she must be knowing already but for the want of the tuition fee he/she must please the kids…

    Help those wanna-be-cool kids they are hanging themselves…

  2. At that point of time even if lord comes and tells them to quit smoking they listen to him,because there totally in control of the stuff ppl can't leave, they can't quit. some thing is there which attracts them even if they know the sideeffects then to they will be pulled by that something
    Is this u pel ??
    well if u go to advise them they lisen and forget, nothing can change them.They will ask you,who the hel are you ?

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