Single Woman

Why is it so difficult to accept single woman in our society? A single woman stands threat to many people: wives are afraid that she might take away their husbands; mothers are scared their son would be lured by her, parents fear there might not be anyone to look after her after they are gone

Does anyone even bother to know her own choice? Why do people want to make the matter worse by asking her if she is married at every turn? Whether a woman marries or not is her own choice and not anybody’s business. Why is our society so conservative that it’s so hard to see a single woman?

Not every woman wants to breed babies and respect husbands as god. That was all in the past. Today many women prefer career over marriage. All we need to do is to change our attitude and keep our minds open over things like marriage, divorce and live-in relationship. To me a live-in relationship sounds better than marriage: that way if you can’t tolerate your partner you can always make a clean break.

The most difficult question ever asked to me was, “Are you married? If not, why not?”
How am I ever supposed to answer that question? If I said “I am not interested”, they say, “Those who say that will marry first”.
If I said, “I am not ready yet” and they say, “How long are you going to wait? Till you are 80”
And if I answered, “I didn’t meet the right guy yet”, they say I haven’t been looking in the right place.

What bothers me most is why are people so eager to see me married off. It’s my life and I will live the way I want to. Whether I am married or divorced or if I changed husbands more than my clothes, is nobody’s concern. I just wish people wouldn’t poke their nose in my territory.

Why do people need to scrutinize spinsters so much? Just because a woman is unmarried doesn’t make her gay or less woman. Maybe she’s never met the right guy or maybe she’s genuinely not into marriage. Whatever the reason maybe it’s necessary that people tolerate her and learn to respect her wishes. Nobody can force or pressurize her to marry just because they are intimidated by single women in the society.

When it comes to marriage not even the parents has the right to push her. So let’s us learn to accept people the way they are and not based on the marital status because commitment is not the sole factor that determines a person’s efficiency and ability.


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  1. Absolutely right, if a guy is not married people will not ask much but if the girl is not married ppl will ask lot question, oh come on why this discrimination in 21st century. I am fed up with this sort of discrimination an especially in India they treat their wife’s as slave. In few case wife is capable of working harder and earning more for the family then that of a husband, but still they have act as slave and listen to their husband. I will allow my wife to work in midnight also if she is capable of working and earning. I won’t mind sitting in house and taking care of babies. I gave equal rights to both men and women. There should not be any person to question why, what, how and all other stuff: my few of friends (specially girls) has to take permission for everything, if they are keeping their foot outside the house then they have take permission. Oh god save these girls Tnx to god my parents are not like that

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