Sick: A disease of forgetfulness

It’s in my blood to be very forgetful and that’s the reason I always make a “to do” list everyday of my life. Every year I finish 2 – 3 diaries noting down the things to do otherwise I can’t seem to remember. There are so many incidents which prove of my forgetfulness. After each incident, I promise myself it will not happen in the future but things keep repeating. There’s no end to it. It’s in my blood, in my genes and chromosomes.

Well forget about what happened in the past. It was just two days into the orientation when I lost my sister’s rachu (kabney). I simply couldn’t remember where I kept it or how I lost it. When I reached home it wasn’t in my hands. I asked others but nobody saw it.
A few days after that, I went to a café to take a print out of some documents. I took the print out and came but left my favorite pen drive (USB) there. I couldn’t remember immediately but when I went next day to enquire it wasn’t there. Some lucky chap has taken it.

Yesterday at the “leadership seminar”, during the tea break (in the morning), since there was no tea, my friend and I went to the café there. We took two coffee and two muffins. It cost Nu 80 (to my horror). Well I took out Nu 100 note and paid the guy. We had the coffee and the terrible muffin after cursing the owner for charging so much for something that had no taste at all. After that we went up to the hall. It was then I realized that I had taken no change ( Nu 20) which the shopkeeper owed me. I was so sad and was sulking too much for being so careless. But my friend said it’s too embarrassing to go and get 20 bucks but I didn’t give up easily. I had to finally force her to come with me to the café. There upon enquiring they returned my 20 bucks. Relief washed over me. I settled then.

Another incident happened today. I had to scan my 1st, 2nd and 4th semester marks card. I scanned and came and was browsing. I had to arrange my documents after a couple of hours. It was then I noticed my 2nd semester marks card was missing. I immediately went to the cafe and asked if it was there. To my relief it was still in the scanner.

That’s not all so many similar incidents happened. I hate my carelessness. The more I try to be careful, the more careless I become. God knows what the problem with me is. I guess I was born stupid. It’s become a disease in me and there’s no cure to this disease nevertheless I will try to be more cautious in future..


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