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Shocking: Revised taxes on vehicles..

The DPT government’s decision to impose 50% tax on import of vehicles is simply ridiculous. I’ve only heard of sales tax and custom tax other taxes when the subject was discussed in the National Assembly, when the OL called for the Finance Minister’s resignation. Shocking as that may be, but it was nothing compared to hearing for the first time, there’s going to be whole 50% tax on vehicles, just when I was going to purchase one myself.
Like it or not the target victims are always the poorer section of the society because the rich ones can afford to buy even if the tax is 100% and high post holders can buy because they are entitled to quotas and high salary.
Why the government is always dividing the people; letting the poor remain poor and rich grow richer. If the government intends to put in place a fair system, it should do away with the pool vehicles and remove the quota system for the high-graders; otherwise it’s as usual the middle and the lower class people that are suffering.
Bhutan does not manufacture a single car. It has neither the ability nor the raw materials so the only option left is to import cars. If we can manufacture cars within Bhutan then imposing high tax is reasonable since it can discourage people importing from outside. But traffic congestion and environmental issues are not reason enough to deprive people of buying cars.
Bhutan does not even have timely and good public bus services, so unless it’s considering going back in time to the isolation age, there’s no need to reduce vehicles on the road
My reasons for hating the taxes are shamelessly selfish. Though I do care about my fellow citizens of Bhutan but I’m not a MP, not a ruler, so I can’t do anything but wished what has happened should not have happened. The sales and customs tax (others if there are more), has come into implementation just when I was thinking of buying a car myself. Those taxes have discouraged me so much that I had to opt for a second hand car. I don’t care for environment friendly society when I have never done anything to harm it in the first place. I don’t wish to be push aside before trying my hands at the wheels.
I know my lone voice can do nothing against the revised taxes so we are all kind of helpless when it comes to the decisions already made by those in the house. All we can do is gossip in the kuensel online forum and talk in groups, and let the decision makers do whatever they feel like doing, even if when it comes to discussing their own pay hike or heavy taxes on the poor citizens.

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  1. Ha ha ha, I am so sorry for laughing but I couldn't help because I know your plan was there long before the tax shit started and I don't know what you waited for, ha ah ha but I hope you got your License, if not do it fast before DPT impose license tax!

  2. DPT is imposing tax to generate revenue after they failed to receive loans from other nations. Even ADB started ignoring huge loan amounts. So instead they are going to have the budget from the revenue. Moreover DPT govt. is going to introduce DTH(direct to home) TV where they can reach the places cable doesnt cover and they going to impose entertainment Tax normally termed as Sales Tax(BST). They are trying every corner to raise the fund. And seewage, water, Electricity, automobile had rise in 10% tax which will come in effect soon maybe end of this month.

  3. @Passu: yeah i know but i can't get my license now because i can neither drive well or is my learner 6 months old. any suggestion as to how to get my license. but i'm glad i could make u laugh. lol

    @soenam: i've never thought of other stuffs while considering the unreasonable tax. how selfish of me. but i do want to argue a little on this, next time when i get time to ok?

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