Seducing Mr. Perfect

My love life’s been a flip-flop: falling in love and falling out of love. It was like a bumpy roller-coaster ride.

I used to fall in love with every man I ever laid eyes on only to find the guy repulsive after few days. Maybe it’s an understatement to call is ‘love’. Because ‘true love’ last longer than days or maybe the whole thing is just hoax. After all these days, love is money and success. People always fall in love with other people with money, status and successful career. Even looks does not count much except that if it’s there it’s an added bonus.

Well anyways before I divert from the main stream let me get to the point. After few failed relationship I have decided that I am not made for love and vice-versa, at least not the romantic love. Now I am almost convinced that my life is going to be one very long, lonely, cold and alone. And at 80 I might regret not having children to take care of my funeral. But then I’d rather prefer this to a miserable life with a lousy husband or a trouble-maker boy friend.

Just when I had almost made up my mind, then something happened that has a potential to change my mind. Well I was online the other day when I met this amazing guy. He’s totally cool and too wise for his age. At 23 the guy talks like he had decades of experience. I hate to admit the guy is too young for me but I can’t help feeling like Kate Winslet in movie The Reader, romancing a youngster.

The guy is everything most guys were not: charming, witty, intelligent, cute and good looking. With him I can be myself, instead of pretending to be someone I was not. I feel very comfortable and at ease with him. I enjoy his company so much that I always feel time just fly by that leaves me wishing for more.

He’s one guy with both his head and heart intact. He’s smart, fun to be with and totally charming. He can be one hell of a flirt when he wants to and yet he’s so modest at times. He accepts me for who I am and he’s punctual, honest and giving and expects nothing in return. It’s in his nature to be honest with what he has to say and never fails to compliment the other person. Also his collection of vocabulary is amazing.

He is like drug. It’s hard not to get addicted to him. Although we haven’t seen each other in reality, somehow I feel very comfortable with him. We have so many things in common so we never run out of topics to discuss. The subject ranges from personal interest, hobbies to books to movies and everything under the sky.

At first I was bit ill at ease. I thought the guy must be making fun of me with his bunch of friends but now I am pretty convinced that he takes me seriously. He thinks I am one sensible, intelligent and lovely lady and I am totally flattered. Coming from him, it means more than anything in the world.

Well I have no idea how long we’d be together or whether we’d even meet in reality but I am just grateful to the almighty that he let him in my life and I am going to treasure him for a long time to come. Whatever happens in the future, I know I have these wonderful memories to cherish and cling on to.


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