Search for the lost guy

It was in my seventh standard when I developed this big crush on this guy. Time passed by and a decade later he still holds a little place in a corner of my heart. I never thought I was capable of such an intense emotion as love. Maybe it’s an exaggeration to call it ‘love’ but it’s definitely something lesser than that.

Well when I had time and opportunity I couldn’t confess my undying love and now it’s too late. People say the world is not too big a place and we are bound to meet one day or other and yet we never meet the people we want to meet most. I have been wanting to meet this guy for a long time but in vain. It’s as if he no longer exists on this earth because nobody even knows where he is at all. I have been searching for him on social sites like FB and hi5 too but to no avail. The guy must be a freak not to be using any networking site when the whole world is into socializing online; an advantage the present generation has over our ancestors.

If only I could meet him just once, I’d want to confront my feelings; see if it stands time tested or whether I have been using him as bait to ‘barricade my heart against hurt’. I have seen my share of guys; handsome, ugly, smart, intelligent, boring but I couldn’t find “him” in others. There’s no guy like the lost guy, I don’t know why but he is simply not like them. He’s different, unique and not them.

Or maybe he’s no different from others. Maybe he must have appealed to my adolescent eyes. Maybe…he’s blah blah blah. Well that’s more the reason why I need to see him again, at least once to see if he’s the same guy or whether my heart still beats from him but he’s no where to be found….


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  1. if he is alive, he could be anywhere, why not maybe near to me? why not in my place? why not in a remote place where there isnt any network? Sometime asking your friends isnt a crime. Wish you could tell more about him incase if he is around here….

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