Recollection of the past

I think it’s being ungrateful to my college friends and lecturers not to dedicate one article to them because they played an integral part of my life in Bangalore. I won’t be here today, had it not been for them. I owe them a lot and I’d always carry this gratitude with me in my heart for those people in Bangalore for making my life wonderful and worthwhile for three years. Life wouldn’t have been so good without them.

Well I can still recollect how lonely I had been in the hostel in the beginning when I knew no one out there. It was a hostile life then because I hardly knew anyone and had no friends. Every Bhutanese student had their own friends and their rooms were already packed and as a result I had to stay with the Sri Lankan girls. Though they were really nice people I had tough time adjusting with them in the beginning. When they were conversing in singala I felt as if they were gossiping about me.

However, Pema’s fight with Tashi proved a ‘blessing in disguise’ for me because it begot me a friend. Though Pema has then become a friend, I still wished for a constant friend who could be with me all the time. Those days I didn’t have a permanent friend so I wished for friends like that of my diploma days but things improved gradually. Since I had only a month to study for the first semester I didn’t get much time to miss home also because I had to study a lot to catch up with others. First semester was really tough for me; I had to work hard and sacrifice many things and also I got sick during exam time.

Things looked much better by the second semester. Though I was still staying with the Sri Lankan girls, by then I was acquainted with more people and was comfortable with the surrounding. Academic wise too I was more adjusted and comfortable with the subjects. By third semester I had moved in with the Bhutanese girls but things were the same.

The real enjoyment and life started only in the fourth semester. By then we (Pema and I) moved out of the hostel and stayed in a rented apartment. The apartment was a small cozy one and just suited our needs. On top of that, we had a good old friend as a neighbor (Mithun). We became real friends with the Indians than we ever were with the Bhutanese. Somehow, it was really comfortable with the Indians and all of our friends were Indians.

Though I had 15 years of academic education before I started with college education, I credit my real education to my college days. It was in Bangalore that I learned to be sociable and deal with different people. It was there that I got opportunity to meet people from different culture and language background. We had people from many countries in our college and I felt privileged to have known all those people. They were varieties of people with talents, knowledge and innovative ideas. They were all so friendly and eager to be there for me and I have no word to express how honored I was to have made their acquaintance.

I take this opportunity to thank all my lecturers in IADC without whose help I won’t be here today as a full-fledged university graduate. I thank my friends; Indians, Sri Lankans, Nepali, Bhutanese alike without whose friendship and guidance I wouldn’t have made it till here today.


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