Ranked 3rd in Technical Category (IT-3 yrs) – RCSC

Some say that college is good and some say this is good but I personally felt no threat from any college be it Sherubtse or VIT because we are all university graduates and we all have the same potential in us.

It’s not the college or lecturers that determine our knowledge or capability. It’s basically ourselves that matters. If you are not hardworking or if you have no faith in yourself no amount of lecturing could do you any good.

I was shocked when I ranked 3rd among the technical graduates in IT-3 years among 122 graduates but I guess my hard work is finally being paid of and rewarded for.

But it’s sad that we receive no recognition from anybody. For people it’s as if only the general graduates have done RCSC and not the technical ones. It’s not like we can’t sit for general category but that’s not appropriate for us. Is it a case of ‘majority wins’? With more grads appearing for the general category it’s always been them who received people’s appreciation but I am happy that we don’t need to undergo one more year in RIM pursuing Diploma.


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  1. Congratulations!
    Bhutan Today wrote about all toppers in other categories, i don't know if you featured, i dont recall seeing your name, i am sure i would have known it was you if i had seen. I don't know what happened, but i am sure all toppers must get appreciated. Anyways, all the best for whatever you choose to do.

  2. Congratulation Buddy,
    U are always worried about the exam but u did it, did it with reputation. Holding a position among more than a hundred IT graduates is something you should be proud of. Once again Congratulations and best of luck in ur future ahead.

  3. You and my other BCA friends made Bangalore University proud.Now no one can say that you from B.U?
    I belive now you achived something in your Life. Now you don't have any regrates of coming to Bangalore.Anyways you multiplied your knowledge unlike the other who divided it or substrated … Anyways Best of Luck

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