Question Hour Session (NGOP)

The question hour session of NGOP is of 160 minutes out of which the first 30 minutes is taken by the focal person introducing his topic. Remaining one hour is given to the graduates to ask their doubts to the concerned officials. There are eight houses in this year’s orientation programme. Each house can ask one question. After all houses have had their chance then if there’s still time remaining, then we go for second round. There are so many people wanting to clarify their doubts and ask their questions and when the answers are so long, many do not get the opportunity to ask their question.

It happened to me twice, yesterday and today. I got up to ask my question but the fellow graduate from the same house was quicker than me so I couldn’t ask my question. For instance, this morning we had guests from the Tourism council of Bhutan (TCB), speaking on “Tourism: high value and low volume”. I wanted to ask the following question:

The government’s desire to minimize adverse effects of tourism, while ensuring a healthy flow of hard currency led to the adoption of the principle of “high value – low volume” tourism. Tourist arrivals into Bhutan are controlled by the government through a pricing policy whereby tourists are required to enter Bhutan only through package tours organized by the registered Bhutanese tour operators.
The daily tariff is $200 (USD) which is quite an amount for average and middle class tourists. The tariff structure has ensured that only travelers with high spending power can visit Bhutan.
By this policy of “high value – low volume” tourism, are we encouraging only rich tourist to visit Bhutan? If Yes, what about those tourist not so rich but still wishes to visit Bhutan?

However, due to shortage of time I couldn’t get he opportunity to ask my question. It can be quite frustrating to be rejected again and again. All my anxieties and anticipation of waiting for my chance was for nothing and in vain.

I just wish the question hour was longer than what we have now.


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