Promotion of sports in Bhutan

“His royal highness, Jigyel Ugen Wangchuck is the representative of His Majesty to Bhutan Olympic committee,” said the secretary of BOC. Along with him were the several dignitaries from BOC and department of youth and sports. There were not many graduates asking questions on or about BOC. Either they aren’t aware or they aren’t interested.

I have been reading few kuensels and I had to clarify my minds on few things regarding BOC and so I asked the following question.

The Bhutan Olympic Committee (BOC) has been in the news probably for the wrong reasons. Media has criticized and accused BOC of having nothing much to show.

Let me read out few headlines (from the Kuensel)

1) BOC – Poor track record

It says, despite handsome funding, BOC et all don’t have much to show for itself

2) 25 years of under-achievement

BOC was established in 1983 and to these days has not achieved anything much.

One more issue is the BOC president. The BOC president has always been one or other ministers (lyonpos), who’s not suitable for the job instead of a sports man who knows his job well. The BOC president of course comes with many privileges.

Also Bhutan does not have to these days, not played any major games internationally nor has it won anything.
My question is why BOC is not doing well despite huge funds coming from outside and within the country.
Is it because Bhutanese youth are not taking sports seriously?


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