Perfect – my favorite novel

My favorite book is Judith McNaught’s “Perfect”. The hero is the hunk of a man: tall, dark, handsome, rich and successful. The heroine is an average looking middle class girl and a teacher. Their paths crossed, when the hero, accused of the murder of his wife escapes and take the heroine hostage. Following the kidnap, is a beautiful love story where two individuals from two different worlds meet for the first time. They are complete opposite. He is a very handsome, rich and successful Hollywood director and actor. She’s a middle class girl who was brought up in orphanage until she was adopted by some decent family when she was 13. He led a very glamorous Hollywood life, whereas she grew up in the streets of some small town.

But when they meet their chemistry flared. Judith McNaught did it again, the mastermind behind the intense love story. Every love word weighs 100 kilos. It’s a sweet, beautiful and heart warming love story. If you read it, you’d wish if it could happen to you.

Well I specially like the book because unlike other romance where the heroine is some six feet, gorgeous, independent, successful, here we have an average girl just like us. I am so fed up of reading love stories about those stunning girls. It’s as if love happens only to those drop-dead gorgeous girls and so it discourages us to fantasies about love. For a change, it’s good to read a love story about some middle class girl too. It gives hope – a ray of hope to us too…


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  1. you should watch this korean drama – Boys over flowers – : in this drama its a same story as u mentioned about that book, a rich and handsome hunk loving a common garl and keeps on loving even after having so many obstacles…i liked that drama so much and if u want to try u can alys get it from me….keep on writing buddy!!!

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