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Once upon a time in Kolkatta

Once in kolkatta, some four years ago I remember falling in love with my instructor. Now when I think about it I feel disgusted with myself. For god’s sake the guy wasn’t even cute. Am I always so naïve to fall for every ‘Tom, Dick and Harry’?

I remember the instructor as being fair but prematurely bald right in the middle of his head. For the whole month’s stay I was love-sick there. Food had no taste and I was walking the streets of Kolkatta without any purpose. He was everywhere in my thoughts and I had tough time keeping my emotion under control.

The guy must have sensed something because once he said to me, “hoping to see you in Bhutan in March”. After returning to Bhutan I tried calling him but he messaged me saying he was out of station and will call me back which he never did and I am glad for that.

Afterwards I couldn’t meet him in Bhutan too and that was the end of one of my many unrequited love stories. I kept thinking of him for months after that but then that phase of my life is over and I am glad to be in one piece unharmed still.

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  1. crazy girl U R …Its very easy to make you fall in Love,Every now and then you will say i fell in love with him latter the next day you will fight with him and latter breakup

  2. haha yes peday i clearly remember that…keep on falling in love…its good hell of beautiful feeling …LOLZ

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