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My stagnant life…!!!!

My life’s like a stagnant water. It hardly moves, but wavers a little. I am still where I was last year and the year before that. I wish things were different; I wish times were different. I just wish I was different. I am so fed up of the same old boring life. Doing same thing everyday is quite tiring. Life’s been so predictable for me. There were no surprises, no miracles, and no gifts whatsoever.

Nonetheless it’s a pleasant life but I just wish there were more excitement than it has now. I don’t mean to sound greedy, asking for more than I deserve but sometimes it’s dry to have no excitement and challenges in life. I don’t expect my life to change over-night or in a fortnight’s time but few positives changes are welcome. I just wish gods in heaven are kinder to me than they were and change the whole essence of my life.

There are so many things I haven’t experienced in life. For instance, I have never boarded a plane (though my sister insisted I once come by flight during college, I refused), never had champagne, never celebrated my birthday with a birthday-cake, never learned to drive a car and the list is endless. There are so many things I want to do in life, so many subjects I want to excel in, so many areas I want to explore but all these are beyond me if my life is what I have now.

I just wish I knew, what initiatives that needs to be taken to experience change in one’s life drastically. I wish I knew how to prioritize things in life so it may not look so complicated.

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  1. Hi you stole the words from mouth. Thats exactly how i would describe my life at this moment and i know this is how my life would be for a long long time. Anyway thanks for the piece.

  2. hi tashi,
    That a very gud piece….it seems we had the same life….but i had a chance to board a plane in my college days and thanks to the RGOB…hahaha.
    neways all the best and i know we are about to enter a new threshold in life.we are left with gr8 duties and responsibilities to our self now….lets be strong enough to keep moving on…tc

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