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My Space

My office on the whole is a jumble of wires and systems lying all over the place and there’s hardly place for you to move around in the huge room. But there in the corner I have maintained a place for myself. Something I can call my own.

Well I have a computer and a desk that spans two adjacent walls in the corner of the room. Everything is immaculately in place. That’s very typical of me now. The walls are clean with calendar and few pictures of Guru Rinpoche and His Majesty. I have not overdone the walls like that of pan-dokan (pardon my spelling) because I wanted to give a professional look to it.
The two drawers are spotless except for few types of stationery like rough papers, cello tape, stapler,few spiral notes and a photo frame. On the partition wall, is few stick notes supposed to remind me of the things to do? At my feet lies the heater, which of course won’t be necessary in the summer.

With the above said things and a comfortable rotating chair completes the picture. This is how I always wanted things to be. I am glad that I wake up in the morning and have a place to go everyday. I always look forward to coming and being here all day long. I think I have found what I have been looking for all my life.

Now all I need to do is to be professional and work and my life is complete. I believe I have found all my missing pieces now.

Love and live life!!

p.s. I will upload a picture (of my office) to justify my article

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  1. Really nice to hear al good news from your side, pel hamm… here are things are getting worst and worst, the University which i chosen is screwing me up like hel.
    Soon I will be writing on it..

  2. i'd love to read ur story. just hope your's is not one of the 'deemed' universities in Bangalore.
    i heard on NDTV there are 4 deemed universities in there. i hope Bangalore university isn't one as well

  3. Oh pel i investigated on that and found that most of them belongd to Tamil Nadu. In karnataka only 4 of them are deemed and Bangalore University is not one amongst them.

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