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I remember promising to write about my interview with the media as soon as it gets published in the paper. Well it did get published in the August 09, Sunday issue of Bhutan Today. I am really sorry for the delay. It’s because I went to my native (Paro), for the last two days to visit my folks.

I was looking forward to my story being published in the paper. My notion of the whole stuff was me being the central figure but to my utter disappointment, not only was my name spelled wrong but also my course was mentioned wrong. On top of that, there’s only few lines written about me but on the whole I m happy. Whatever maybe the case I got an opportunity to have an interview with the media. Publicity I guess is my weakness. I‘d love to be on the camera, in focus to have people know/recognize me for a good cause.

Well the following is the story from the paper (Bhutan Today). I‘ll be including only what’s written about me and the topic of course.

Civil service hopefuls have tough time getting books (Topic)

Pelden, an indian-educated engineer, who was leafing through the newspaper in the Jigme Dorji Wangchuk Public Library (JDWPL), said that graduates have to read books on Bhutan as part of their course material, but these are very expensive, and most often unavailable for borrowing from the libraries.

The above is what the reporter (Tharchen) as quoted me, from the paper.


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