My impossible brother

My brother is a person with devil-may-care attitude. Nothing bothers him at all. He wakes up early in the morning (only on weekdays), takes hours to gel and style his punk style hair and with enough money he leaves for school.

Every evening he comes back with his arms stocked with snacks (mostly wai wai and lays). As soon as he reached he sheds his gho on the bed and waits for me to serve him his supper. After a hearty meal and a glass of juice, he reach out for the TV remote and starts watching TV till late evening. At night he helps me sometimes with kitchen work after insistent shouting and scolding from my side. After dinner he muddles with his books (sometimes) and then retires for bed, wakes up next morning to repeat the same procedure and his routine.

When I urge him to study, he says class eleven is heaven and it’s time for him to enjoy and take rest. When I ask him to help me with household chores, he insist that there’s no work in Thimphu unlike at home (in Paro).
Further he reasons that people are not getting work in Thimphu because there’s no work. He mistakes the unemployment problem with the household work. If I advise him to study he has no ears to listen and when I study he disturbs and distracts me so much which eventually leads to fights between us.

On the whole, my kid brother is cute though impossible!!


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  1. Yap even I think he is still a kid who doesn’t what he is losing , at this age nothing can be done only one person can change him that is his girlfriend nothing else can change him. Don’t advise him as one or other day he will come to know

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