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Waking up in the morning seems like a toughest thing, at least in the morning. You head feels like hundred kilos and you wish you could sleep for couple of hours more but can’t really do so because there’s always an office to go to and work to be accomplished. Though weary of the mere thought, you drag your heavy drugged body out of the bed and head for the bathroom. As soon as you splash a handful of cold water on your face you are jostled by reality so hard that it comes in full swing to you, then comes the problems associated with it. That’s when you begin to think of the day ahead; work pressure and domestic and personal problems and then you wish you could collapse on the bathroom floor and die in peace there.

Office work can be compared to household chores, how much ever you do today; same amount of workload can come up the next day as well. There are always so many issues to resolve, last minute problems that need your immediate attention. You get so engrossed in your work that it’d be lunchtime before you realize the time, yet you can’t exactly skip your lunch because your empty stomach hollers for it. Lunch is always a hurried procedure since there is personal work to be attended to because you can’t bunk your office for personal needs.

With the lunch break over you resume your work and mull over it for hours before you realize it’s dark outside and time for you to leave. As soon as you reach home you’d feel like stretching your cramped muscles, rest your tired exhausted body or even take a nap but where’s the time? Dinner is awaiting your arrival, all set to be prepared. Now who says cooking is a pleasure, that you’d enjoy doing it? You only cook because nobody else is going to do it for you. There are dishes to be washed, curries to be prepared, floor to be swept and other basic necessities to be done. You’d be so tired after doing all that it’d be after midnight when you eventually retire to bed then there’s always a romantic novel to keep you awake all night. At the end of the day you realize that you wasted away all day doing nothing significant, one precious day of your life is wasted just like that and yet you couldn’t have hoped to do more because you have only 24 hours in a day just like the guy next to you. Likewise everyday is spent, doing the same old things, learning nothing new and leaving you vaguely dissatisfied and regretful.

Yet your financial problems are never far from your mind. The salary you get at the end of the month may seem like a huge amount to someone but you could finish that in the in no time and there’s no extra source of income. You have few expectant faces relying on you, so many ways to spend money, so many people to spend on but all you could ever do is to wish and to dream, yet you are scared to dream for the fear that dream may not materialize. And so and so the problem list is endless that makes you wish if you could escape to a very far away land.

Sometimes you become so engrossed in your problems and thoughts that you forget to call up friends, socialize that you lose your touch with the world outside. Yet all your week days are spent with trifle things and kept you so busy that you’d be looking forward to a quite Sunday, all day in bed but when the day dawns, you are awakened by the shrill ringing of your cell phone because you forgot to switched it off the night before, people needing your favors, help etc that takes away the much awaited sleep. The day is over before you know and your plan to sleep off the day has failed to surface yet again.

The next morning you are in office before time just like any other day except, this morning you have Monday-morning feeling hanging in the air around you. That’s when you know how futile and vain this recycle of life is.


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  1. @Anony: thanks for the kind words. well i've always wanted to become a business woman. for
    me Business is the most attractive profession. though selling eggs can be hardly called Business, you gotta start somewhere right? that's what i'm trying to do. building a foundation for Business in future. Hopefully I'd become one day, a ruthless successful business woman

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