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Being a technical (IT) student I have copied the system’s (computer) way of doing many things at a time, a term commonly called the “multi-tasking”. I have become so impatient and so restless so I tend to do many things in one go. It’s as if somebody is hurrying me and I always remain so anxious all the time.

For instance, I read, brush my teeth and do toilet as well in the morning. I even finished few novels and magazines in bathroom only. There’s always one book that’s kept in the bathroom. While cooking I always listen to music (either radio or songs from my cell). When I brush the carpet in the sitting room, I watch news channels.

Likewise there are so many instances when I do multi-tasking. I have no time to stand and stare. Although there’s nothing I do that’s significant but I believe in keeping my self busy whatsoever. I like things to be in their respective places and my life to be very organized though it’s tough job organizing anything. By ‘organized’ I don’t mean to say financially stable because I am not that since I have no work as of now but I mean to achieve in that area too in the near future.

My kid brother calls me Akshay Kumar these days because he says my behavior resembles Akki’s character in the ‘Singh is King’. I am always running around the house these days toppling this and breaking that. The interviews and exams ahead are taking toll on me because I have become so restless and unsettled. I just hope I’d be able to keep my sanity till things settle down a bit.

Multi-tasking isn’t a bad thing but it divides my attention and as a result I end up doing things half-good. It’s all because of my urge to do all things at once. There are simply so many things to do that it scares the hell out of me even to imagine. The road ahead is going to be tough one I just hope I can do well not to disappoint all those people who have high hopes in me.

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