Me ‘N’ Nothingness

I am so fed up of bowing my head so low to the people above me. I am so fed up of applauding others of their success. I am so fed up of clapping my hands always because someone has delivered a good speech. Why can’t I, for a change, be on the other side of all these. The side which is being bowed; being applauded: and being clapped at?

Sometimes I just chose to ignore clapping my hands for somebody simply because I want to be the one clapping but the one clapped at. This is, though I don’t want to admit even to myself, is a sheer jealousy. I know this problem is not only with me but all of us. We don’t like to celebrate other’s success but our own. And this is a part of being ‘human being’. My only explanation is because ‘I am only human’.

My hands ache by clapping, my throat is sore of praising others for great deeds. I no longer want to bow my head low for eminent persons. I don’t want to side-step so that some people can pass by. Charles Darwin was right when he said the world is a ‘survival of the fittest’. If only I could be the one amongst the fittest.

Life itself has become competition. The days people’s simplicity is appreciated are long gone. Today the world requires you to be bold, brave and possess tremendous guts. People go to any extend for publicity because your talent is nothing when people are not aware of it. You gain nothing by hiding. Just like the products needs advertisement, people need publicity too.

There are millions in the world who excel in one or other thing. Some good actors, some good sportsman, some good singer and blah blah blah… but I couldn’t be one among the millions. Life can be so pathetic to some people who can’t compete in the marathon of life.


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