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They say the internet is full of opportunities. Thanks to the modern technology, today we can go to the day-job and still earn side income by writing something you’d enjoy especially if you are an aspiring writer. There are hundreds of websites which employ freelance writers.

We have our own share of Bhutanese writers. There are people writing in, Kuzuzangpo, Kuensel forums etc. I have no idea if our Bhutanese writers and bloggers are contributing to the revenue generating websites but if you haven’t yet, maybe it’s time you did.

I am not talking from experience but have learned through the reviews of millions of freelance writers around the globe. I don’t know how it might work with us but we do have good writers in Bhutan too. Well I believe it’s worthwhile to gain extra revenue while pursuing your own hobby (that being writing).

If you already have a blog to your name, do add google’s adsense to the free space on your blog. They say every click by your readers would fetch you little money. Earning few bucks while doing what you love is motivating and added bonus.

There’s a thirst for some good materials to read especially when magazines mainly focus on celebrity gossips and newspapers on the current affairs and facts.

Just write some quality articles on the popular subjects and contribute to any website that accepts your writing.
Following are few recommended sites I have collected for the past couple of days based on people’s review.


And there are thousands more. Log on to any of these sites and submit your articles. Based on their rules and company policy, you will be paid. See it for yourself for details.

Once again, I repeat, I have not done any contributing but I might in future. I’m not even sure if they accept Bhutanese writers because some sites are solely for Americans and restrict others but then you can check that before you proceed.

Good luck with your writing. Start today and be a freelance writer and earn!


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