is graduate orientation necessary?

It’s been only two days into the orientation and I am dead tired. I think I won’t last through out the programme. It’d kill me before the week is out. The whole thing is very boring for me. I fail to comprehend how the other graduates are finding it interesting and useful.

For having registered at the last moment, I am placed at the back and corner of the hall. Forget about seeing any guests, I can hardly hear anything being said by the officials. I envy my friend for having bagged the front row right in front of the guests and officials, which makes me regret my decision to register for the orientation programme at last.

We had so many guests coming and gracing the occasion. There are among the most eminent persons in the country viz. ministers, secretaries, directors etc. it’s an honor to be listening to them though I could hardly hear anything they said. I was more of sleeping than I ever listened. My house (Cheli la), was placed on the extreme left of the enormous hall and I was placed at the back of the extreme left. I had to stretch my neck so much just to see who’s speaking. After a couple of hours of stretching my neck I gave up and hence I fell asleep and as a result I didn’t hear anything. As soon as I reached home I go to bed to give some rest to my tired limbs. I get up next morning to repeat the whole procedure of the day before.

Well it’s a good thing to wear beautiful clothes and jewellery and feel beautiful. Everybody looks their best and I can’t help admiring the beautiful ladies out there. Almost every woman looks stunning and you can’t decide who is prettier than whom. John Keats was right when he said, “A thing of beauty is joy forever”.


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  1. Hey is that really bad? But yes I can imagine you sitting at the back and half listeing to half echoing voice. Don't worry, that was just a day's experience. You will change your mind soon. And I know you will write to us how you enjoyed it.

    You are lucky gal. Have fun. Learning is something we must do on our own.
    All the best.

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