Indecisiveness: What to do & what not to do?

I wish I could forecast the future so that I can do what’s good for me. This time my indecisiveness is regarding the RCSC exams; to do or not to do? I have no answers to that. One day I think I should do and the next day I think, no I should just find myself a job. They say government job is secure but corporate means more money. Government job means no work and corporate means more work. Government job means two days holiday in a week, corporate means no Sundays (sometimes).

I love more money, more work and being busy. Which means I’d want to be in corporate sectors but what about scholarships and training? They say corporate will not send for training abroad (only to India), also you will not get to do masters in corporate. The other issue is civil service exams. If you join the corporation, they will not let you do RCSC but if you didn’t people will down look upon you. They say you haven’t done RCSC because you were scared of the competition. What to do?

I just wish I could do RCSC for my satisfaction and then join corporation. I just wish the scholarships (for masters) are open competition where all inservice (be it govt or corporate or private) candidates can apply. I wish god could come in my dreams and tell me what to do. I wish..i wish.. Well there are so many wishes. “If only wishes were horses, then beggars would ride”.


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