I was supposed to do a symposium

I was supposed to represent my house (Cheli La) for symposium this morning on “great kings and their times” to be conducted in Dzongkha. Though I reached home very late last night, I goggled out everything on the kings and went prepared this morning but on seeing people speaking so refined Dzongkha I developed a “cold feet” and panicked. I asked my monk friend to back me up yesterday, so I sent him to do the symposium today. Thank god for him otherwise I would have failed to do justice to our great beloved kings.

Well I once used to find Dzongkha very boring and those people who excel in Dzongkha as old fashioned. If only I didn’t have this attitude I’d not be suffering today. I guess I have matured because now I love Dzongkha and admire people who speaks fluent, proper and formal Dzongkha language.

If only times were different…


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