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I was on BBS

Yesterday (September 15, 2009. Tuesday) after the sessions at 5 pm I was waiting outside the Youth village gate when I met up with my house councilor who has come in search of me. I was asked to come with her and so I followed her inside the gate. There I found a bunch of people waiting. Upon reaching there I was informed that we were to go to BBS (Bhutan Broadcasting Service), for a live telecast because yesterday happened to be the “international democracy day”. Bhutan was observing the day for the first time in the country. At 5:30 two BBS vehicles has come to pick us up and there we went. As soon as we arrived we were greeted with tea. After waiting for about half an hour the guests have arrived. The guests were Haa MP (sorry I forgot his name), Gasa MP Damcho Tenzin (opposition), both from the lower house (National assembly) and Sonam Kinga from National Council (NC).

Since it was a democracy day the topic of discussion was ‘democracy’. The program was conducted in dzongkha. We were more of audience and were supposed to ask questions and the MPs clarified our doubts. Since the program was of one hour we had time constraint. Few of our friends did not get to raise their questions. It’d have been better if we had some more time.

Since the program was conducted in Dzongkha I had difficult time even framing a question but I had to ask one at least for the sake of my mother. My mom always scolds us for not being on TV. She compares her children to all the people on TV. I had to ask a question not to disappoint her. She might have scolded me if I hadn’t asked any questions.

Well in nutshell I think it was a great experience being on TV. I prayed to god that yesterday’s was not the last time but just a beginning to the start. Let there be many many more interviews all for the right reasons. It feels great when people tell me that they saw me on BBS last night. Can’t help fantasizing myself as a celebrity…heheh…jokes was a nice beginning.

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