I think I’m a geek

I have always thought of myself as a geek because I am socially uncomfortable, though talkative in nature, it’s always been difficult knowing people for the first time.

I should think ten times before I can leave my house and the very fact that I hate parties and hardly hang out with friends is a clear indication. I remember going to party last year and feeling completely out of place. Afterwards I never agreed to go to any parties because I realized that I don’t belong there.

Moreover my dress up is completely unfashionable, not that I haven’t tried but fashionable attire does not suit me. I have to admit there’s a geeky air about me and now I have given up trying to look stylish because all my effort goes in vain and it’s totally useless to pretend to be someone I’m not.

And when it comes to my thoughts I can be very conservative at times. I, for instance, think it’s not proper for couple to be living together before marriage and I am against gay marriages and infidelity or adultery.
I believe in one-man-one-woman relationships and against divorces and child born out of wedlock. So in nutshell I still think like how other people did in the sixties. I can’t do away with this ‘Victorian attitude’ which has been there with me ever since I can recall.

I know some people who look naturally sophisticated and stylish without any effort and some are pathetic like me, no amount of effort can change; neither their physical appearances nor their outlook towards life.

There are those tech-geeks who are geniuses but I can’t even be branded in that category because I have no brains but then I have learned to be happy and satisfied with what I have and sort of ceased to complain of things I lack. So I guess that makes me a dork. Well I am a dork and a proud one.

In a way there’s always a geeky side to all of us however otherwise we appear on the front-end (trying a technical term) so that makes everybody a geek, a doRK.


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  1. Oh come on Pel , don't say like this
    “Some are pathetic like me, no amount of effort can change; neither their physical appearances nor their outlook towards life”
    Oh god u still thinks that you have negatives in you. You’re very-very special believe me; people can't achieve in their whole life what u achieved in this age. And physical appearance you look very beautiful
    You are 100% perfect; no one will ask anything better than this. You’re smart, intelligent, good looking highly qualified with so many extraordinary qualities in you.

  2. Well, I think there was some scene in another blog. I hope you take lightly about it and continue writing/contributing. You are really good at it.
    A well wisher 🙂

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