I nearly ‘got’ it

Yesterday was the BoB personal interview (VIVA) for the post of network administrator. There were five of us competing for the post, four boys and I. well the interview was at the hotel Kisa (opposite city bus parking), at 2 pm.

The interview was tough for me but I admit I enjoyed the whole process. It was just talking, something I was good in but I couldn’t really answer all questions so I wasn’t really surprised when I was informed that I didn’t get it.

I didn’t read on the BoB website that the announcement is going to be on October 22 and simply called them but I think I did the right thing. If I hadn’t called, I wouldn’t have known I didn’t get it and wasted two more days worrying of the result and thereby not preparing for RCSC.

In the following you will read the mail my sister received from her friend who works for BoB. I said “nearly” because I’d have got it if the first guy wasn’t there..haha..it’s funny isn’t it?

hey… ur sis came second in the personal interview… but since BOB had only one slot for the position…. we have to take only the first candidate…

However, I have no regrets because it was worth experiencing. I had fun with the interview and I am willing to attend next 20 interviews if only to gain some experience before RCSC exams.

I have a friend who attended 14 interviews only to do his MBA. Comparing to him my one interview is nothing. In fact I think I need to attend some more interviews to gain interview skills but my main concern is now RCSC exams. That one is a life-deciding exam and really a matter of life and death.

Maybe it was never meant for me to work in BoB. Well, whatever happens happens for good. I need to keep up my spirit and cheer up.

p.s. ‘nearly got’ is not as good as ‘got’ i know. it was meant to sound funny.


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